Saturday, July 01, 2006

“As long as there is beer, there is hope”

DAS IST DEIN BIER (This beer is yours) – an interactive observation. This interactive sculpture by Oliver Kohlmann, an artist living in London, is produced in two rooms in the former White Trash, Torstr. 201, by the relaisbuero berlin.

The exhibition room is to be entered by only one person at a time. The sculpture, a manipulated polling booth, is set within a black box. The visitor faces the freedom of choice to consume beer – without any limitation of time or quantity.

In the waiting room DAS IST DEIN BIER – Marginalien embeds the sculpture in a merry-go-round of quotations and references thus opening further perspectives of free association.

DAS IST DEIN BIER deals with the state of waiting and being alone, the devotion to and distrust of art and free beer.

Last order: Today, saturday, July 1st, 6 pm - 9:30 pm
Delicious bombastic pop by Goldfinch at around 9:30 pm
Ex White Trash, Torstr. 201

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