Friday, July 28, 2006

A peek into the near near future

Nicolas Nova of pasta&vinegar conducted an interview with Régine Debatty, "the queen of new media art" (Bruce Sterling), that shed some light on to the mind of the enchanting force behind we make money not art.

about new media art:
Q After X years of blogging, what underlying picture do you now see in the scene? Phenomenons that amazed you?

A That it remains such a niche phenomenon. The traditional art scene seems to believe that the so-called “new media artists” are just playing some kind of geeky games. I wasn’t expecting my blog to sparkle so many interest from the technology world and be ignored by the “traditional” art sphere. I think it’s slowly changing. It took decades to accept photography as an art discipline so let’s be patient.

about humor:
Q To me, humor plays an important role in what you’re posting in WMMNA. How do you think this dimension can bring critical elements about technology usages?

A I think humour is very important. it helps getting the attention of the audience. humour puts the piece into a non-threatening, non-intimidating light. which helps a lot to get the message out.

Full interview here
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