Monday, March 28, 2011

Teller is a magazine of stories. Stories told in pictures, in words, in both; short sharp stories, 'so I once heard this story' stories, stories of pure invention and stories that might just be true.

Teller brings together photography, fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and all kinds of graphic art, from well-known names and exciting new talent. It's beautifully designed by Neue Gestaltung and perfectly printed in Italy on lovely matt paper.

The first issue was launched in October and limited to 1000 copies, which have now sold out. Issue two will be bigger and better, perfect bound and priced at £5/€6/$8. But Teller your help! All donations raised here will go towards the printing costs of issue two.

Teller is now just 7 days away from the end of their kickstarter crowd-funding campaign, and still have some way to go to reach our target to cover the printing costs of Teller issue 2:
If they do not reach our target, we won't get a penny of the money that so many people have so generously pledged, so if you haven't donated yet, please help  to reach the target!

For a $10 donation you can pre-order issue two. You will receive your copy straight off the press, posted anywhere in the world.

And they have lots of nice rewards available for larger donations, from a very desirable Teller tote bag and the glory of a thank you in the magazine itself, to beautiful signed photo books by our contributors and even a limited edition print by Nina Mangalanayagam. Check out the rewards listings for more details.

So what can you expect from Teller issue two?
In a special themed section, we explore the curious involvement of animals in human affairs. Amber Marks, author of Headspace, the definitive guide to smell surveillance, speculates on the mysterious death of Paul the Octopus in the context of a history of animal spies. Thomas Thwaites examines how police might utilize the waggle dance of bees in the fight against horticultural crime, and Niven Govinden invites us to a nefarious hunter’s feast.
Comedian and artist Miriam Elia introduces Il Fascisto Dog, photographer Amy Stein brings human and animal worlds face to face in small-town Pennsylvania. Jose Navarro joins Spain's trashumante shepherds on an epic journey with a thousand years of tradition, and Ruby Russell and Bronwen Parker-Rhodes report on Ceausescu's legacy to the dogs of Bucharest.
In other stories, artist Anna Hughes describes delicate moments of narrative in an obscured conversation, John Angerson goes on a dry run at a space station, and acclaimed young author Lucy Caldwell depicts the pains of a teenage awakening. Salena Godden (founder of London's Book Club Boutique) leads us into a grimy London underworld. Playing with the boundaries between documentary and fiction, Anton Koslov Mayr directs a performance at the headquarters of the United Nations, in which world leaders become unwitting protagonists in a work of gonzo photo reportage.
Keep checking back - we'll let you know how issue two is taking shape. We hope you're going to enjoy it... and THANK YOU for supporting Teller!
"anything but ordinary" – Jeremy Leslie (Magculture), Creative Review
"Sure to become a collector's item" – Sean O'Hagan, The Guardian (UK)

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