Saturday, April 21, 2007

Google Content Blocker

What is Google Content Blocker? Google's mission is to organize the world's advertising for maximum exposure to Web users. Unfortunately, annoying Web content often overwhelms the page, causing many users to become distracted and overlook the ads.

That's where Google Content Blocker comes in. It effectively blocks all Web site content, leaving only the advertisements.

How does Google Content Blocker work?
After you install Google Content Block, just surf the Web as you normally do. When we find a site that has content, we will block that content so you see only the ads. It all happens automatically, with no effort on your part.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Google Content Blocker work?
You're probably too dumb to understand the technicalities, but we'll tell you anyway. We install special top-secret proprietary software on your system. When you browser to a Web site, this software examines the document. Ads are displayed, and everything else is hidden.

C'mon man, don't insult my intelligence. How does it work?

OK, OK. Here's a white paper that describes the process in detail: Google Content Blocker White Paper (PDF)

What type of Web content is blocked?
How many times do we have to tell you? Everything is blocked except the ads. It's not rocket science. One more time. Repeat after me: If it's an ad, it's not blocked. If it's not an ad, it's blocked. Got that?

What if I use this along with an ad blocker?
You figure it out, Einstein. You'll get nothing. Not a goddamned thing. A white page with nothing on it. Zilch. Nada. Nothingness. Only morons use an ad blocker.

What if I click on a page that has no ads?
A Web site with no ads? What do you think this is, 1991? The chances of that happening are very small. In such a case, we will insert some randomly selected Google AdSense ads so you'll have something to read.

Does Google keep track of the content that's blocked?

Of course we do. It goes into our database along with every site you've ever visited or even thought about visiting. As always, we strongly encourage you to read our Privacy Policy to be fully informed about how your confidentiality is protected.

I'm an advertiser. How can I get more people to use this valuable tool?
Google has established business relationships with some of the leading spyware companies. Our partners are working diligently to patch their software so Google Content Blocker is installed automatically. Within 4-6 months, 92% of all computers in the world will have Google Content Blocker installed. Then, for all intents and purposes, the Web will be completely content-free.

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