Tuesday, November 07, 2006

You can´t stop a falling bomb • election day

Paul Notzold´s TXTual Healing, an SMS enabled interactive street performance that comes in a variety of different achievements, has been mentioned earlier here and here.
Tonight, tuesday (election night), Paul comes to Washington DC, this time dropping the bomb.

It all starts at 7 pm EST.
If you are interested in participating from afar on Tuesday...
I'm asking the question...
"What frustrates you?"
Think of the time where you held your tongue...
That message you never sent, for better or worse...

your message will appear on a projection of a falling bomb.
You can't stop a falling bomb.

Interpret that as you will...

txt message it to... 646.209.1786 ... and it will go up.

Warehouse 1021 7th Street NW | 202 783 3933

picture from "What/Who Are You Afraid Of?" L.I.C., Queens (09.01.06)
Asking the question WHAT/WHO ARE YOU AFRAID OF? I sent the army to take care of your fears with guns blaz'n. Shoot first ask questions later is always the way to go, huh? I was invited by the Flux Factory as part of their down the street and around the corner art happening.

Also, most likely Paul will be staying to put up the regular bubbles on
Wednesday night in DC, not sure where yet.

somehow related: poetry bombing by Casagrande

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