Saturday, May 06, 2006

plueschow lounge Figures of Motion #2

This room could be best described as "the laboratory"

Lorenzo Oggiano,Quasi-Objects / Cinematic n.04 - DVD, 2005, 3:43 min, color, sound

The "Quasi-Objects / Cinematic n.04" by Lorenzo Oggiano covered nearby the complete wall, about 3.7 m x 5 m

Kristin Bergaust & Nicola Schröder,Wasserwerk, 3-channel, no sound, 1988

On the right a collective work by Kristin Bergaust & Nicola Schröder showing watermovements inside geometrical forms.

Timo Kahlen Rasenstück,1-channel, sound, 2002

In the oppopsite corner, five hundred years after Albrecht Dürer’s aquarell drawing of a piece of grass (Großes Rasenstück, 1503 / Vienna), another view at some ‚unspectacular part of nature‘.

The video by Timo Kahlen shows several pieces of lawn, cut out and isolated in a white background, a still life immensely enlarged in scale. The sound of crickets creates a tranquil, natural background. But every once in a while, the image is disrupted by the strong vibration of cars and lorries that can be heard rushing by. Modern nature, however, seems to remain stoical / unmoved and unimpressed or unaffected.

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