Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Tribute to slowness Quido Sen

Gelbes Tier, 2003, 80x60x50 cm, mixed mdia, electronics, fan, loudspeaker
“And maybe you will find some poetry in my objects. You can play with them, they are responding to darkness and light, they can communicate with your shadow.” Quido Sen

Czech artist Quido Sen creates interactive soundinstallations, often based on ready mades since 1994. His work will be presented alongside plotter based drawings by Jean-Pierre Hébert.

"Perplexed Blue"1999, Intaglio/Chine collé, 9x9"

Jean-Pierre Hébert is a founder member of the Algorists, a group of computer artists who had been working independently for many years, and then formed a loose association after meeting at SIGGRAPH '95. Hébert's work demonstrates that the computer genuinely creates new visual possibilities and aesthetic enquiries, while at the same time this is an exploration driven entirely by artistic considerations.

Quido Sen & Jean-Pierre Hébert at [DAM] Berlin

Opening thurs, may 11th 7-9pm

Tucholskystr. 37
D-10117 Berlin

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