Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Extrastruggle Veil Girl & Pixel Art

Extrastruggle works on imaginary demands from imaginary customers. Just like a graphic designer designing a logo for a client, it designs logos for all communities under social pressure. It makes pictures which suit their imaginary requests. The veiled girl not allowed into university, the man who is frowned upon for speaking kurdish in public, the islamist who is opposed to the movement of Europeanisation, the army disturbed by the anti-revolutionary desire of the islamist and also the leftist intellectual are all imaginary clients of Extrastruggle. Extrastruggle has no political views. It does not take sides. It is impossible for it to do so.

Memed Erdener launched a personal project with the name Extrastruggle to frame a series of works that would operate on the more autonomous ground of art. These pieces mainly consist of superimpositions, assemblages and counterpositions of two or more graphic elements which are embedded in the memory of Turkish society as the constitutive visual codes of the national identity.

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