Sunday, May 28, 2006

corner plot Sarah Sze

At first glance, it's hard to decide whether the white-bricked corner that juts out of the sidewalk at Fifth Ave. and 60th St. represents the ruins of a building that has sunken into the earth, or a chunk of something alien that has dropped from the sky.

A peek through the windows reveals everyday objects such as lamps and bath towels

Corner Plot is a replication of the corner of 785 Fifth Ave., the apartment building diagonally across the street from the site of the installation. The "corner" of the building appears to pierce the grey cobblestone of the sidewalk, revealing about five feet of brick facade, and allowing for a view inside an apartment on two sides. Through the window one can see evidence of life: books, a large leaf from a plant, an iPod, a microscope (did a scientist live here?). The disheveled collection implies that the inhabitant left in a hurry — but then, you would too, if your building was sinking into the ground.
Corner Plot is about discovery. Stumbling onto the work can be like uncovering the ruins of an ancient city, or discovering a meteor that has fallen to Earth.
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