Monday, May 29, 2006

racing beats

Who doesn't know it, car drivers provoking each other at the traffic lights to have a race? But what about such a race with two old and shabby jumbo jets on an airport runway?

"Racing Beats" the new trailer for fmx/06 is a skilled combination of live action and 3D. The film from two graduates of the Institute of Animation, Steffen Hacker and Alexander Kiesl. It is their diploma film and a fictitious commercial for the Xbox of the evil empire (talk about youth without attitude).

Nice to watch anyway

see it big (QT) or small (flv)

1 comment:

tagez said...

This one will make you laugh. Brilliant sense of humor, never seen such funny movie since a very long time. You will love it! Unfortunately the dialogs are only in German. Is there also an English version?

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