Monday, May 15, 2006

Prezentacja prac z Festiwalu Directors Lounge Poznan

Outside Inner Spaces

We arrived at Poznan shortly after the announced time, but thanks to the great team of Inner Spaces and a charming, patient public we had two great screenings with just a slight delay and later enjoyed a night tour with a bunch of artists.

The whole DL-gang: Klaus W.Eisenlohr, André Werner, Ania Rudolph, Daniela Butsch, Kim Collmer

The second evening, as fine as the first, was followed by a concert in the cellar of Inner Spaces that brought us in touch with the alternate, gothic scene of Poznan (some pics later)

The screening room

IF Museum/Inner Spaces, founded by Tomasz Wendland, who also makes great art, is a space that shares much of the attitude of Directors Lounge.
These two days (and nights) of fun and good talks with our charming hosts Aki and Tomasz Wendland led to many new ideas. We surely will expand our collaboration.

Aki & Tomasz Wendland during Directors Lounge 2006
(all photos by Klaus W. Eisenlohr)

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