Wednesday, May 03, 2006

H E I M A T S C H O R L E homeland spritzer

Heimat, as well as Schorle are familiar words in german,
yet hard to translate into spanish. Heimat, roughly translated as homeland,
a profound word filled with longing, and the twinkle-toed Schorle (spritzer) are combined to a metaphorical term, a concept to deal with the identity as an mexican artist in Berlin.
To attentuate Heimat, the location where you are and at the same time a non-space, with a spritzer of Schorle might serve as a way to reflect cultural identity in an artistic way.

Angélica Chio, sucessfully presented at the Directors Lounge, together with Sandra Contreras, Erick Meyenberg,Gonzalo Ortega and Gabriel Rossell Santillán, five artists from Mexico at the allgirls gallery

opening sat 6th of may, 5pm-9pm
allgirls, Admiralstraße 17 - Remise im Hof, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg

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