Monday, May 22, 2006

Klaus W. Eisenlohr
8 & 16mm filmworks

Fellow curator Klaus W. Eisenlohr
presents personal several of his works at the kommunales kino freiburg.

Since 1991, filmmaker and photographer Klaus W. Eisenlohr has undertaken visual explorations with his camera. He started off with making Super-8 films, which have been in-camera edited with no further manipulation. This personal stance is being continued in his 16mm films through his own special way of rhythm of movements and edits. His research on architecture and spatial relations took him from Berlin to Chicago, where he has gone deeper into reflections on urban development and the vanishing of public space.

"Klaus W. Eisenlohr is writing filmic diaries with his mechanical camera. He has made his recordings with Super-8 and 16mm in underground tunnels in London, on athmospherical sky views at Berlin Alexanderplatz and about an amiable train stop in the no-mans-land. In his film language, we, the audience, discover the ways - besides the travel notes, rhythmical textures and structures that make us alert - of how Klaus W. Eisenlohr is using his camera like a typewriter keybord to tell intimate stories."
Telemach Wiesinger

kino avantgarde tuesday, 23th may,7pm

kommunales kino
im alten wiehrebahnhof

Urachstr. 40
79102 Freiburg

In case you´re not in Freiburg you can still watch
Courrour Station and Hair - Non Hair on Directors Lounge television

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