Thursday, November 02, 2006

Youth • Albrecht Tuebke

Youth: Posed in isolation, against the blurred neutrality of urban backdrops, Albrecht Tuebke's adolescents seem to float in a strange placid limbo, somewhere between aggression and apprehension. In these somewhat matter-of-fact C-Prints, Tuebke has managed to erase the overtones of anger or restlessness that stereotypically stalk urban youth culture. The sympathy and empathy through whose auspices these images seem to have been perpetrated has somehow poured oil on troubled waters, but strangely the tranquil banality which pervades the mood here is equally, if not more, worrying than its violent counterpart. If the benign scene can summon the uncanny it does so here.
Roy Exley
full text here (under Youth)

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