Saturday, November 11, 2006

Indications of What is Not Obvious • Stefan Heyne

BOATS (2005), 125 x 188 cm, Photography on Alu-Dibond, ED. 3 + 1 AP

TABLE 64283 (2004), 80 x 120 cm, Photography on Alu-Dibond, ED. 3 + 1 AP

With Stefan Heyne, it seems to me as if the eye were coerced into watching itself seeing. One could speak of a doubled perception, of what one has before one’s (rain-veiled) eyes and of what the imagination is to achieve. The effect depends on this process of assimilation. Behind it is the search for an art for which commentary and conceptual considerations seem as important as what meets the eye. This kind of coercion of perception and of reading the image places accents in the direction of the unexpected...Heyne’s view of reality is made visible in fuzziness, in the way that, with the relativizing of the visible, one’s own groping in space for what is not obvious, for the mysterious and ephemeral, becomes an occasion for producing pictures.

Heyne also clarifies anew that photography, despite all appearances, is completely unsuited to conveying precise information. The only clear statement of which it might be capable is to say: I am a photograph – and not a painting... Of course, Heyne immediately defeats it again with its own weapons on his compositional stage of ambivalences.
from: Christoph Tannert, Indications of What is Not Obvious


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