Friday, November 24, 2006

You´re never alone with a clone

Bert Simons says:
Since a while I am in my midlife crisis, thinking a lot about the purpose of my life, what will remain and things like that. Since I don't have a specific talent to make my mark nor even managed to arrange some kids to reflect my existence or even have a beloved one that will never forget me I guess I am just one of many who just will be forgotten..That sucks, but instead of endulging my self into depression I desperatly started looking for a solution and I came up with this idea... The Bert Simons Paper-Clone

As a a papercraft lover, Bert unwraped a 3d model of his face in real scale and stuff it all up toghether to get a copy of himself.

Bert Simons says about the first two beta bertjes

I am quiete pleased with the result. It's nice to have myself around..yesterday evening I noticed I even talk to them. It is a good therapy too, they help a lot to accept myself and I even got used to my bold spot.

next thing will be a full body clone, the first experiment I just started..unfortunatly I mixed up some chromosones and turned out a girl

Now even you can build your personal Bert

Finally my presence isn't restricted to my personal whereabouts anymore. Have me around wherever you are!

right click on this link and save the pdf file to your computer. Print the 12 pages with over 100 parts on thick (80 grams) paper and start cutting and glueing and make your own personal Bert.

I'll show a gallery of clones build by people all over the world as soon as the first ones have been finsihed.


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