Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Beach Pin Ups • Kim Collmer

The Pin Ups, 2006, Photos and Video

12 portraits based "beach pin up photography". Each pose was shot on video for 4 minutes and each person was asked hold that same pose for the entire duration.
For this work I was interested in...
-the captured "moment" in photography
- the plethora of digital snapshots versus the slow careful posing of earlier photography
-the presentation of one's self for the camera
-the steady gaze of the person being filmed
-the dynamics between the subject and viewer. In earlier portraiture the presence of the viewer was often strongly felt, as opposed to the voyeuristic tendencies of the contemporary viewer.
-the careful composition and slow nature of old photo techniques
-the artificiality of posed photographs
-the pockets of time held within an image, like a time capsule is enhanced through the video of a singular yet very alive image
-the awkwardness of keeping up appearances, of maintaining a pleasant expression for an extended period of time, how an expression of joy becomes cruel and uncomfortable as time goes by

Kim Collmer

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