Monday, November 20, 2006

waiting for something beautiful to happen • melanie bonajo

bears, c-print, 60x70 cm (23.6x27.5 inches), ed. 1/8, 2002

the rabbit inside the cave, c-print, 60x70 cm (23.6x27.5 inches), ed. 1/8, 2002

waiting for something beautiful to happen, c-print, 60x70 cm (23.6x27.5 inches), ed. 1/8, 2002.

My ideas are jingles in my head, they come to me. To be able to make a song i have to give stucture to the melodies, like i have to put the thoughts and idea's into matter to be able to impart the information and touch someone like it touched me first.
My work is an irregular impulse of experiences and aesthetic enjoyments stemming from the questions I have and the things that I know. I am not interested in a particular truth or a common reality, but I do have to understand and embody my truth, which I find from looking within. Although these things might be universal, consequently, questioning myself leads to the act of questioning you. Nothing should control the spirit....
Holding your gaze upon my photographs is an invitation to play. Confrontation can be liberating but it can also be bizarre. Melancholy and humor are important aspects for me. It might hurt a little, too.
Melanie Bonajo

Melanie Bonajo at Fette Gallery till 26th of november

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