Monday, November 06, 2006

LIVE, BUT DEAD • Peter Callesen

The Lost Sheep

Tower of Babel

Single Double Bed

Peter Callesen creates small paper sculptures as well as framed wall objects, all made from A4 white paper. Beauty and decay are closely linked together in Callesen’s imaginary universes where pure sheets of paper stage open-ended stories. Here birds try to escape their drawings, the Tower of Babel is raised in just one piece and Heaven and Hell are bound together by climbing clematis with fat spiders crawling across their surface.
Romanticism, desire, perish and melancholia are all themes of Callesen’s paper works where dreams become real through three-dimensional installations done with an extremely meticulous cut out technique. The delicate paper cut outs have often grotesque points telling about fragility of life.

Burnable Snowman

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