Sunday, September 17, 2006

polish photography at the SIPA art fair in Seoul / Korea

Anna Orlikowska - "Human"

Grzegorz Przyborek "Thanatos - Ona" - "Thanatos - She"

IF MUSEUM Inner Spaces from Poznan will present four polish photographers at the SIPA art fair in Seoul. Ewa £owzyl, Anna Orlikowska,Grzegorz Przyborek and Tomasz Wendland.
Ewa £owzyl´s works take part in the discussion about the media and genetic manipulations. They relate to the history of human body, religious and demonic wefts, human as a machine and organism being both a part of the nature and a mechanism hiding the soul.
Anna Orlikowska photographs the reality of modern Poland. Her works are a kind of documentary, but with an obvious personal reflection. She shows Poland on the borderline, as a country of unplanned contrasts.
Grzegorz Przyborek´s works are an effect of precise installations, so called “photographical installations”. They are often showed as independent artworks, and the photographies uncover another poetics of the situation.
Tomasz Wendland´s photographies base on the idea of symmetry and harmony, omnipresent in the European (but not only) philosophy. The observation of reality is strengthened by its mirror duplication, it draws the spectator into a virtual, often unbearable reality.

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