Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Fashion from a different sort of runaway

The Braniff Flight Attendant Collection

Photographer: Anastassios Mentis Model: Catherine Petree Stylist: Sasha François

What Is The Braniff Flight Attendant Uniform Collection?
In the 1960s, Dallas-based Braniff International set out to make commercial air travel more glamorous, with ads that boasted "The End of the Plain Plane." To give this attitude some texture, Braniff hired Emilio Pucci, a former WWII bomber pilot and one of the hottest designers of the time, to create the uniforms for its flight attendants. Pucci's innovative designs were a blend of fashion at altitude and fashion with attitude, serving up bright, bold colors with both style and sex appeal - at a time when sex appeal was still stylish.
Shown here is GEMINI IV. Perhaps the most memorable item in the Gemini IV uniform was the "Space Bubble" hat. Clearly influenced by NASA's space helmets, these clear plastic bubble hats were designed to protect a flight attendant's hair from the wind and rain. Like many of fashion's boldest ideas, the hats proved somewhat impractical despite their stylish appeal, and they were not issued after 1965 - making them rare indeed.


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