Monday, September 18, 2006

Enclosed in a Soap Bubble • Lucyna Bąkowska

forensics by Lucyna Bąkowska

I imagine that I am enclosed in a soap bubble. I close my eyes, put my fingers in my ears and I'm gone. This empty, consumption driven world is filling up with colors. Ugly, Victorian detail washes away.
I, hear the flow of my blood. I feel that I'm alive. Synasthesia, is not exactly what I "suffer" from.
It's not the numbers that release the hue and there is no sound present, only scents. That means I don't always have to isolate consciously. Sometimes "something" pulls a "trigger" hidden inside of me and the world changes.

When I return and see "normally", I try to register that somehow. For this I use a camera and computer graphic programs. Not all of my works evolve from this "illness that I suffer from". Sometimes I conduct a "dialog" with an "unknown".
Lucyna Bąkowska

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