Monday, September 04, 2006

Plant your mobile, eat your circuit board

At a recent exhibition at the Science Museum in London a handful of quite startling technologies were unveiled, including a circuit board made of pasta.

The board is a genuine piece of pasta with some electronic components on it. When you are finished with it all you have to do is boil it in water and all the bits fall off.

Their exhibition also showcased a printer case made of corn-based BioPlastic that degrades gracefully, and a phone case made of Kenaf, a plant grown all over the world, which effectively melts when you bury it.

One mobile phone case had been made from biodegradable plastic, with a sunflower seed inserted into it. By planting the case in the soil a flower grows.

Refurbished computers are regularly sent out to new homes, perhaps the perfect secondary market for PCs.

But, considering that we are putting some 40 million PCs into the ground every year, we really should not get too complacent.(BBC news)


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