Tuesday, June 05, 2007

TXTual Healing hits Bucharest...

Paul Notzold´s TXTual Healing, an SMS enabled interactive street performance that comes in a variety of different achievements, has been mentioned several times.
Tomorrow, Wednesday, 6th of June, at 9:30 pm Bucharest time (2:30 pm in NYC), TXTual Healing will be projected on a small street corner in Bucharest. (not the same spot pictured here)

To post a message from outside Romania send an SMS to: +40743344253 (include the + or it won't work)

Recently Accepted into the EU, Romania was already undergoing tremendous development. Everyone I have met has been beautiful and in tune with the world around them. Little is relayed about what is going on this part of the world, they want to be brought up to speed, but also wary of what development can mean to the loss of affordable housing and ownership of the streets. Wish them luck in their protection of public space and hopefully the ability to fight the disney-fication of their culture, or at least say hi from your part of the world.

The happening has been arranged through the Streetwise gallery At the same gallery at 8 pm I will be giving a talk on mobile phones, invented reality and public space interventions... check out the gallery site for more information.

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more about TXTual Healing

for location details

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