Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Traute Raeume — Urban Spaces

Klaus W. Eisenlohr
Exhibition during "Inselglück, Moabiter Kulturtage" (Berlin Moabit cultural festival)

In Photography, Film and Media, Klaus W. Eisenlohr, artist and curator of "Urban Research" fame at Directors Lounge, explores the younger quarters of European cities. In the majority of cases far from the former historical city centres, these parts of the city are now the actual urban environments where most people live. And, these places have become newly evolved urban centres. While following these trails, and also undertaking art interventions, the artist investigates the social conditions of these public spaces. The resulting images, comprising spatial and urban visions, however overpass the restrictions of documentation and leap into openly pictorial creations.

This exhibition focuses on the most recent work of Klaus W. Eisenlohr from Helsinki: A large-scaled and high-resolution double projection presents a diversity of public places from the metropolitan area of the Finish capital. Some are taken from two different points-of-view, some from only slightly different camera locations, others with irritating different view points but matching compositions. Not merely with the size of the projections, which fill the field of vision of the viewer, but rather in combination with the gradual differences in POV, the series of images adds up to an almost cinematic viewing experience for the audience.

opening: friday, 29th, 8pm at Kunstagentur Friederike Hauffe

the exhibition runs only two days till first of July.
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30.06. — 01.07.2007

opening hours:
Fr 8—11 pm, Sa—Sun 2-8 pm

Kunstagentur Friederike Hauffe
Künstlerhaus Atelier 5
Stendaler Str. 5
10559 Berlin
2. cross building, 4.floor

invitation card (pdf)

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