Wednesday, June 06, 2007

RAAM - Staan

RAAM, Looking out, from the corridor to the window, to the viewing post,looking out again, standing in front of the window, always being on thelook-out, a visual and tangible form, usually not regarded as a barrier,one that serves as a shelter for the outside world and marks itself as“View on the World”, becomes a barrier here.

The window, a spot for looking out, looking out again and again.

Looking out onto, overlooking, this performance, articulated by waiting,by thinking about accumulating movements in time, but incorporating reflections on non-visible events, does not so much ferment trouble, but makes clear that life cannot be lived without the other.

Being on the lookout, peering to the right, away from green leaves being blown on by the wind, away from parked cars in the forefront of picture and cars flashing by in the street, away from the occasional passer-by;
this draws the picture of the outside world and the speed of life on the other side of the window, a common scene from daily life.

The recurring acts on 'our' side are being characterised by just the repetition; distinction in production is not important.

The number of steps to the window followed the undisturbed looking out constitute the distinction; a serene appearance shows inner turmoil.

This turmoil, which does not depend on outward differences, is made visible by 'motion in rest' and indicates primarily a longing for, and a feeling of responsibility.

The window, the barrier between the exterior and the interior, which mainly embodies the view outside, now acts as a figure of speech for anxiousness and responsibility.
Harm Lux, 2006

RAAM by Frans van Lent will be shown in the context of Letzte Überprüfung (Last Inspection) at the former watchtower Schlesischer Busch, Puschkinallee, Berlin-Treptow.

on Thursday, June,7, from 6 pm

Staan, another, even more meditative video installation by Frans van Lent is on display at "Am Rande../on the edge.." An exhibition by Directors Lounge at the Exhibition Centre Pyramide in Hellersdorf till june 29th.

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LETZTE ÜBERPRÜFUNG (Last Inspection) June,7, from 6 pm
im Grenzwachturm Schlesischer Busch
Kunstfabrik am Flutgraben e.V.
Am Flutgraben 3
12435 Berlin

Afterwards (starting at 10 pm), the film "El angel exterminador" ("The
exterminating angel", by Luis Buñuel, Spanish with English subtitles)
will be screened outside the watchtower. The film opens a film series
which is part of the project "The Lost Moment"

Am Rande.. On the edge..
An exhibition by Directors Lounge at the Exhibition Centre Pyramide in Hellersdorf.

The exhibition will be accompanied by two special screenings.
At the opening (June 1.) and on the 15th of June

second screening June 15 9 pm
duration: 1.6.-29.6
opening hours : Mo-Fr 10-18 Uhr

Exhibition centre Pyramide
Riesaer Str. 94 12627 Berlin
fon: 030-902934131

public transport : U5 Hellersdorf
Tram: M6, 18 Risaer Str.

no admission fee

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