Friday, June 01, 2007

Beta Test Berlin Athens

George Drivas GR Beta Test 13 min, HD, 2005

Beta Test by Greece filmmaker George Drivas will be shown tonight in Berlin as part of Am Rande (see post below) and in Athens as part of Entr’ acte at the Art Athina (see two posts below)

Using only black and white still photography and subtitles as the narration, George Drivas film, Beta Test, shown in world premiere at Directors Lounge 2006, is a most enigmatic and thought provoking short in the tradition of Chris Marker's 1962 film, La Jetee. The film explores the mind of a man, a woman and a city by looks at urbanity, communication and the feeling of non-existence. Beta test is a love story.And it could happen to everyone.

It is all about what we don’t see; it is about hidden feelings, acts beyond time and movement, unspoken words beyond speech. It is when everything around us seems to stop, when everything loses its usual importance and a strong sense of emptiness settles in and gives us the feeling that the only thing we can see or hear is ourselves. George Drivas

If you can´t make it to the screenings expand for Beta Test

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