Monday, June 04, 2007

Alternative Play Station by Provmyza at Entr’ acte

Provmyza RU Alternative Play Station 11 min 45 s, DV, 2004

Alternative Play Station" is a title ironically subversive and at the same time positioning the idea of the work in the context of the practice and theory of games which have been acquiring special importance alongside the development of information technologies.In "Alternative Play Station", screened these days at Entr’ acte as part of Athens International Art Fair, Art Athina 2007, the artists, in a way, bring the reverse negative idea of the game to its logical maximum, depriving it of the purpose, shape, structure deriving at the same time and capturing the performances of naive movement unique in their suddenness and spontaneity. read more

Tatiana Goryucheva, Arts Critic, Historian of Contemporary Media Arts
/Moscow, Amsterdam

to see Alternative Play Station

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