Monday, May 14, 2007

Thorsten Brinkmann `portraits of a serialsammler´

Thorsten Brinkmann´s photographic self-portraits turn a classic genre upside down. In general, the work of artist Thorsten Brinkmann is initiated by the things he finds: objects discarded by the civilisation, which he finds in bulk waste collections in the street, but also ordinary things like bottles, flower pots or shelves. Even his own body becomes an objet trouvè by the artist. Brinkmann is a juggler who uses different worldly objects on an equal level, introducing them into art in the manner of Duchamps. He seamlessly moves between objet trouvé, collage, photography, sculpture and painting. If we recall his actions which immediately precede the photos from the series “Portraits of a Serailsammler” (Finding, building, dressing, pulling something over his head, posing), the importance of the performance part is equally an important characteristic of his work.

taken from the press release of tisch zi bäng at kunstagenten

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