Friday, May 18, 2007

Stadtrandzone Mitte — Center of Urban Periphery

• Berlin Premiere Sat. 19th May 07, 9 pm Z-Bar, Berlin

still from STADTRANDZONE MITTE, 16 mm, 42 min, 2005

How should public space be defined, in our times? - this question has been the point of departure for Klaus W. Eisenlohr's project in Hannover. The resulting film by the Berlin filmmaker and artist takes the viewer on a visual trip through the larger urban area of Hannover and shows portraits of places of various urban qualities.
This visual and spatial exploration is being complemented with investigations of "place-making": Public interventions by artists, scenes of everyday public life played by youths, and conversations with local city planers converge in a multi-facetted reflection on public space. In cinematography and visual montage Klaus W. Eisenlohr has accomplish his own personal film language, based on experimental documentary and avant-garde film. Thus, the filmmaker has conceived a complex film essay about everyday urban spaces in the modern European city. more

Tomorrow, Sat. 19th May 07, 9 pm Z-Bar, Bergstr. 2 U Rosenthaler Platz

Admission 4, reduced 3 Euro

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Anonymous said...

...`Hannova`,out of nothing...
wonderful idea, and beautyful the
butterfly szene from Alli, thanks

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