Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Entr’ acte

as part of Athens International Art Fair, Art Athina 2007

The Athens International Art Fair, Art Athina 2007, opens today (preview) and runs till the 3rd of June. “Entr’ acte”, curated by George Drivas and Inspired by Rene Claire’s film of the same name, is a tribute to the roots of the cinematic and to one of the first times in the history of the cinema, when the fine arts and the film world find themselves together.
Entr’acte” attempts to reinvigorate the discourse of what happens when artists challenge the moving image.
Entr’ acte” attempts to symbolize the close relationship between art and cinema, video art and the cinematic, between narration and experiment in the moving image production. It tends to represent a steadily growing international inclination in bringing together the overlapping interests that exist between film and art.
Entr’acte” proposes itself as a work of art, as an act between the acts and as an audiovisual experiment per se.

still from Donkey Harvest 11 min, S8, 2005 by Allan Levasseur Brown CA

Participating artists:
Helene Abram / Allan Levasseur Brown / Jacob Cartwright / John Davis / George Drivas / Trevor Fife / Nick Jordan / Tassos Langis / Kenji Ouellet /
Provmyza (Galina Myznikova, Sergey Provorov) / Andre Werner

Several of these artists have been selected from Directors Lounge and I will post some of the films so if you can´t make it to Athen you can still enjoy them in here.

In Donkey Harvest by Allan Levasseur Brown we meet a factory worker who loses his job. On his return home to his family, he embarks on a surreal journey where he is confronted with an environment at odds with his social reality.

to enjoy this dark gem just

see more videos on Directors Lounge television

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