Sunday, May 06, 2007

Desire Despair

Pictures from the Czech Republic by Marni Horwitz

Marni Horwitz first became interested in photography when she was seventeen, after seeing Nan Goldin’s solo exhibition at The Whitney Museum. She was moved by the personal nature of Goldin’s work as well as her use of rich color. Horwitz started taking pictures of the world most immediately at hand --her family--a subject that continues to be of great artistic importance to her.

After college she lived in the Czech Republic for two years where she became enamored with the melancholy beauty of the land and the people, a melancholy that she also experienced as an outsider. This period led to a book entitled Desire Despair; Pictures from the Czech Republic and a solo show at A.I.R. Gallery in February 2006. Her work continues to document her personal life, while discussing the ambivalence we all experience in our relationships with our families, loved ones, and surroundings.

Desire Despair: Pictures from the Czech Republic

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