Friday, June 02, 2006


Several artworks by high school students were banned from the Young People's Art Exhibition in Colorado Springs for having "inappropriate" content.

Fountain Valley School senior Addie Green’s painting, “Dismantled Stereotype,” was not allowed in this year’s District 11-sponsored Young People’s Art Exhibition because it includes an image associated with gay pride.

This portrait of a homeless man, called “Falling Ash,” was banned from the student art show because the man is smoking a cigarette.

District 11 experienced its own "Guernica" last year, when Palmer High senior Courtney Alyn Eichengreen produced a series of nudes, based on photographs of a friend who had agreed to be her model. The artwork contained no frontal nudity and the model, by most accounts, was unrecognizable.
Eichengreen says she initially had full permission from her teachers to proceed with her project. Over time, things got "weirder and weirder." At varying points, she was told she could not work on the three oil paintings during school hours — she had to go to the school at night.
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