Thursday, June 22, 2006

tonight´s the night

just the weekly reminder for those who are in Berlin.
Directors Lounge presents: a summer evening with
Figures of Motion part 1 the painted tape
tonight june 22th 10pm at zapp live

shown here (and tonight)
James Whitney Lapis, 1963-66; 16mm film, 9 minutes, color, sound
In this piece smaller circles oscillate in and out in an array of colors resembling a kaleidoscope while being accompanied with Indian sitar music. The patterns become hypnotic and trance inducing. This work clearly correlates the auditory and the visual and is a wonderful example of the concept of synaesthesia.
More about tonight here, here and here

zapp live Torstr. 159 ( between berg u.ackerstr )10115 Berlin

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