Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mannaka No Ie revisited

"The crying swallow flies at dawn"
Pure japanese poetry,
entirely filmed in the deserts of Nevada.
Japanese with english subtitles.

André Werner D Mannaka No Ie (The House In The Middle) 7 min 50s, 2006

Everyone engaged in video art knows the bitter truth that many artists, while creating stunning visuals, aren´t that skilled when it comes to the audio part of their work. Sometimes you have the luck that professional musicians are at hand, willing to close the gap. Such is the case with Mannaka No Ie (The House In The Middle). Dan from Tagez did an amazing job by reediting the score, thus enhancing the experience in an impressive way.

The new scored version of Mannaka No Ie
will be shown as part of Figures of Motion part 2 coup d‘oeil at zapp live

see Mannaka No Ie on Directors Lounge television
or, even better, join us
june 29th 10pm Figures of Motion part 2 coup d‘oeil at zapp live
Torstr. 159 ( between berg u.ackerstr )10115 Berlin, open from 8pm on

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TAgeZ photo

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