Friday, June 06, 2008

Showtime: Lorenzo Oggiano in Turin

Lorenzo Oggiano, long time artist at Directors Lounge, will be for the very first time in Turin, with the Bergamo's Traffic Gallery's collaboration, a must see, tonight, June 6th, 8.30-9.30 pm | Cinema Massimo, Via Verdi 18, Turin.

Since the early nineties, Lorenzo Oggiano has kept an artistic and theoretical research on biological, sensorial and cognitive mutations induced by new technologies and on new media aesthetic and communicative capabilities, obtaining the Italian and international art criticism praise.
The works that will be presented belong to the video-photographic cycle "Almost-Objects" – wholly produced in 3d based on the relations between nature and artificial – and to the series "Sound Generated Video Modules for Single Channel Output", a work in progress made by audiovideo modules created by the sound.
In Almost-Objects the mutation theme is faced by the artist through the synestetic use of the video: we'll see embryonic bodies, neutral surface primordial forms that with their slow but unappeasable movement will dip the observer into a wrapping vision, as if we'll assist every time to a new life birth, to the birth of life, the first one in that was born in the space. Oggiano, with his out of the common media-technical ability, creates different visions that symbolizes the Birth of the Nature, using software instruments, considered as symbolic tools for the Trick So Oggiano's visual research arises from the old relation between Nature and Technique: however it comes to an abrupt and original, as unusual solution.

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