Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sally Golding: Photochemical Hallucinations

Thursday, 26th of June, Directors Lounge

SSally’s obsessions with film: archiving, archeology, and arcana are threaded together to form a psychedelic and sculptural cinematic Victoriana vision. Sally Golding´s triple 16 mm projection fuses photochemical experiments with live performance and references to the horror genre. Sally Golding of Brisbane based Abject Leader, comes to Berlin for this very unique show. A must see for friends of experimental film and devotees of dark underground.

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Not Still Life

A Technicolor nightmare: Live explorations into the sordid past of colour processes...Untangling the "three colour separation process" in which three records of the same image are shot and projected back through RGB filters to make your eyeballs tingle. Rotating colour wheels are employed in attempts at a hybrid "Friese-Green" system (can you glimpse "realistic" colour?). Candied visions and projector performance make for a gothic live Victoriana experience.

Face of an Other

Obsessions with the horror genre manifest themselves onto the filmmaker¹s own body in a bizarre attempt to meld the real and the hyper real. A live performance in which humanity has forgotten itself, or did Hollywood just get carried away?

(Bloodless: Now and Then)
Bloodless Landscape / Johnny¹s Ghost

Originally a pile of discarded film leader, photographic images begin to flicker as interjections within the apparently empty screen space. Fleeting moments of landscape imagery appear distorted by time and light.
An unsettling, gothic "European" narrative disrupts the desolate, desiccated Australian landscape. An Abject Leader mutable expanded cinema piece, these trees and chemicals have endured a long projector performance battle with lenses and prisms many times.

Afterwards live music from Mexico

program starts at 9pm, doors open 8pm

See you at the Scala, Friedrich Str. 112 A, 1st floor

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Anonymous said...

...during the footballgames, in best weather -
an evening in the dark, was for me a beautiful projection with all the `bolex´and films in this computer time...

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