Monday, April 23, 2007

Elvis, Jesus and Jane

Welcome pilgrims on search for higher beings.
Hi Toots

Due to a strange warp in the space time continium the Elvis that became president meets the Elvis that became the rock legend. This obviously amuses the president but gives the musician an eerie feeling of acidbackflash.

Many visit this sacred place on search for higher beings. Not long ago I welcomed the thousands visitor willing to pay tribute to Jane. But Jane isn´t the only godess that leads into the realms of placeboKatz. Lately more and more find their way to salvation by searching for Elvis.
Contrary to poular believe it is not the well dressed Elvis mentioned here,

it is The sacred Heart of Elvis that guides as a light in the darkness.
A short sermon about Elvis and Jesus: The Similarities, which includes evidence that Elvis and Jesus are the same (for those who haven't figured it out for themselves) is actually more popular among those who come here than the search for nudes.

Higher Beings are delighted :)

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