Tuesday, April 03, 2007

He´s not the Redeemer

a note from the management

It was no easy decision but in the end I decided to switch back to the old template as long as there is still a chance to do so. Of course I was flattered and honored to be among the first beings allowed to test the new Blogger Infinitas, codenamed Redeemer, but to be honest it is still a beta release. Most of the new enhancements are truly impressive, namely the auto postings and the banner enhancement (even so this constantly tried to rename this blog to "Hello placeboKitty") and there´s no doubt that the sidebar flooded with fellow bloggers was a real bringer. Reason to waive all these benefits is the latest feature of Blogger Infinitas, the ring a bell post midget, that associates certain keywords in your posting with fitting ring tones. A gift for a single post, however it turned the archive pages into a nightmarish cacophony of madness. So I leave the Redeemer for good, may others fulfil the obligations toward a better beta.
If you missed placeboKatz dressed in Infinitas you can take a look at the mirrored template here.

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