Friday, March 09, 2007

John Giorno: Just say NO to family values

a video by Antonello Fratella

Antonello Faretta IT Just Say No To Family Values 4 min 37s, DV, 2005

Just Say No To Family Values, a video by Antonello Faretta, is another fine gem from this years Directors Lounge. Screened as part of the ZEBRA poetry film awards presentation, curated and introduced by Thomas Zandegiacomo Del Bel. The title refers to the poem by John Giorno, once described as an elder statesman of bohemia, who performs his lyrics in such a vivid way that Just Say No To Family Values immediately became one of the most acclaimed films. It comes as no surprise that it received the ZEBRA award for poetry, film and politics.
Just Say No To Family Values is part of a longer film titled "Nine Poems in Basilicata" based on old and brand new poems written by John for the film. "Nine Poems in Basilicata" will screened march 26th at Monfalcone Poetry Festival.

Just click the pic to see this stunning film.

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