Thursday, March 29, 2007

the bathroom mirror project


Why men are inclined to take their pictures in bathroom mirrors alone in hotel rooms or on vacation. Time for a global check-up of this devoted extravagance. An art project if you like.

SLICK - STORA HOTELLET, FJÄLLBACKA, SWEDEN 050720 10:28 - Talking to me...? Well there´s no one else here... just reaching... just killing time... or is it time killing me? a hotel room... the west coast... the Himalaya room... overrated.. complementary shower caps though...

Let's face it. Everybody's done it at least once. It's almost a genre - bathroom mirror self-portraits. But why this serious and narcissistic pose of a genius artist with a slight stroke of madness - the cover for your next book, your next album...? We could either enjoy our splendid isolation, or prepare ourselves for the daily war on the market, but as we are seeing us differently from the rest of the world - in reverse, this daily check-up becomes a retrospective of the mystery of being. For most of us it's hardly vanity, there's no point in trying - men are restricted to only two options before we face another day - to shave or not to shave. That's it.

After many years of practice we occasionly get the right look and decide to preserve the moment, a point in time. "Now I finally get the photo that really shows the real me, this is a good day... I obviously still exist.... Some sort of western toilet meditation. The total waste of time - the last tabu. An attempt in vain. But a good time as any.

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