Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Jane Birkin • a thousand Janes

As the curious Katz that I am I enjoy surveillance very much. It is encouraging to know all and everything about my beloved readers, for example that there are three times more visitors from Libyan Arab Jamahiriya than from Monaco (3 to 1). Maybe the most revealing among all the juicy facts are the keywords that people type into the searchengines to find their way to placeboKatz. It´s these stats where the friends of Jane take a firm stand, outnumbering all visitors from China and the Russian Federation together. A closer look at the number two keyword (from a total of 2979 Keywords) makes it most likely that we are talking about the Jane of all Janes.
This post flies out to all 1000 friends of Jane so far that have found their way into this humble hideaway on the net.

screenshot taken on march 6th, 2007

to see more of the most iconic Jane in the universe

click pics for full beauty

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