Monday, March 19, 2007

Amanda Ross-Ho


Restraining Order, 2005, Dimensions variable.

Artificial plastic balloons, studio detritus, hot glue, sawhorses.

There´s a playful, frisky charm throughout the work of Amanda Ross-Ho

100 Arranged Marriages, 2003, Found objects, rubber bands.

A series of arranged inanimate object pairings selected from the artist’s home and studio.

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One Foul Swoop, 2004, Video, 6 min. 30 sec.

Shot on location in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The Earth is Rotating with This Room as it's Axis, 2003
Raw footage, LP's.

Installation view. This library/screening room makes available over 40 volumes of raw footage shot between 2001-2003. Completely unedited with the exception of the disabling of its audio components, viewers can construct a unique cinematic experience by pairing audio from the accompanying library of unlabeled LP's with any of the available unlabeled video volumes.

White Out, 2003, 9" x 21"

Archival Ink Jet Print.

Ruby Slipper Sneaker Covers, 2002

Fabric, sneakers.

Still Life, 2003, 56" x 24" x 24"
Red Bandannas, Vase, Sticks.

Hobo Stick, 2002, 8' x 2'
Screenprinted fabric, wood, wardrobe.

Oversized hobo stick constructed to contain the entirety of the artist's wardrobe.


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