Thursday, August 03, 2006

Trains, Flying Carpets and Reverse Cultural Engineering

"The idea of moving away escaping something yet creating new forms and better structures. Useful multi transport systems that can only work at the moment of testing." Fifth Cousin Removed, by Liam Gillick

TRAIN service on the Petite Ceinture in Paris, image HEHE 2003

Tapis flotant, Saint-denis, Basilique, 2005

Between urbanism, vehicle design and automation the project Train is a research into the aesthetics of movement and travel. To locate the work we are using real, existing past, present and future, abandoned or at times unused railroad transportation systems; This idea was originally inspired by the Paris railway track 'La Petite Ceinture'[2], which stopped its service in 1934 and the new tramway, which is partly completed.
more here and here

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