Friday, August 18, 2006

Silent Tide is a modern fairy tale -
Without words it speaks of forces that propel us ever onward.
In tones of rich sound and shades of playful imagery, it shouts of our human spiral towards advancement and destruction.
SILENT TIDE is an international piece created by visual and sound artists, each with a passion and depth of experience in their field, who have come together especially for this unique performance. Using only the language of music, the audience is carried through the narrative by the force of image and sound, engaging the senses directly.
The instruments designed, built and played by Bob Rutman and Bastiaan Maris are simultaneously classical and industrial. Built of stainless steel, curved into sails, the 'Steel Cello' and 'Bow Chime' are bowed with a classical bow and fretted by the hand of the player. The flames of industrial propane burners resonate in six raw steel pipes to create the unfathomably deep tones of the 'Heater'.

The classical and industrial qualities of the musical instruments are the key visual inspiration and are reflected in the design of the piece. Steel and cloth as primary elements are worked to integrate the instruments into the set; pipes and sails being echoed in the forms of the staging. Three puppeteers work deftly with carved wood and leather figures, creating tensions and forces across the performance space.

Silent Tide - An Industrial Overture
only till august 20th 2006
8:30pm 0DOCK 11
Kastanienallee 79
Prenzlauer Berg
10435 BERLIN

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