Monday, August 14, 2006

Directors Lounge presents: a summer evening with
Udo Rathke (screening) & micronaut (guitar/samples)

August 17th 9pm at Kunsthaus Meinblau

For several years, Udo Rathke has experimented with the compositional possibilities offered by the computer as a medium of painting with other materials.By using small fragments of pictures found on the net or else he creates ever changing paintings of magical light, now transformed, into a delicate succession of color.
In a slow, endless flow of time, the painting process of layering the paint becomes a real metamorphosis that, in the use of the most modern technique, invokes natural processes of suggestive richness of atmosphere.
Stefan Streck uses found audio pieces, next to his own guitar play, in a similiar way of layered composition to create absorbing collages of sound.
Micronaut, a sound collage project working with ambient sounds, various samples and live guitar, had its first successes within different art exhibitions e.g. Artgenda in Hamburg, Castle Plüschow, Sehnsucht_Identität_Farbe (work-in-progress / performance), the Kulturgüterbahnhof and the Albert Watson exhibition in Rostock.
Simultaneous to this, "micronaut" appears as a Drum and Bass DJ under the pseudonym "Sterngucker".
Both artists are intrigued by microcosmic diversity.

Meinblau Christinenstr 18/19 10119 Berlin (as part of BLUEBOX)

Already on Directors Lounge television Udo Rathke Nach Lorrain

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Cosima Reif said...

higher beeings forced me to blog this comment about the bird and the bees (and the higher bees and the higher beeings) and the flowers and the trees: whow, what a beautiful space you created here, Mr. Katz, I am definitely happy to share your friends from outside, from vienna, it is kind of beeing there, among the birds and the bees of Berlin, Friedrichshain.

Compliments, Cosima

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