Monday, April 21, 2008

television by Conny Kuilboer

Television encounter the moment of waiting… The chosen material blankets, is a material I often use. It links directly back to my childhood. I like to work with the idea of images from my childhood and redefine what these images mean to me. The abstract figure of the test-screen has become so obvious, and through that the image itself carries a lot more then only being a calibration utility for a television. While giving a sense of nostalgia it is an image that projects to the future. The viewer (and I) were waiting while watching this colourful pattern on the tube.

With my work I am searching for connections. I find them in simple objects and images I see and use daily but also in more complex subjects like religion and media. Nowadays, individualism is the standard. I want to ask questions about this. Questions that summon to reflect about how people relate to each another. I research the resemblance that connects all of us. But without the intention to communicate this in an unambiguous manner. I translate this research in objects and (temporal) installations in which the application of the chosen material plays an significant role.

Conny Kuilboer

Conny Kuilboer will exhibit at künstlervereinigung MAERZ in Linz (Austria),together with Siegfried A. Fruhauf, Sonja Gangl, Holger Jagersberger, Michael Wirthig and Peter Tscherkassky in the exhibition 'VOR- UND NACHBILDER'.

The opening is today (monday April 21, 7:30pm
and will be open until may 30th.

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Thanks Ben

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