Friday, April 04, 2008

Make Apologize To The Artists - Pan Yue

Make Apologize to Goya

From these different styles of works with significant contrasts by Pan Yue, we can feel that Pan Yue not hesitate to give up his “own” canvas, Pan turned to photography, a media with more ways and measures to reflect our society and life, from the layer of culture, Pan is started multi-discussions on Heard-Image, Circumstance- Image covering history and memory, sex and desires, body and culture system, imitating history by operas, and combination of various art ways, etc. As we know, from the end of last century, the dramatically increasing of spreading media, the rolling commercial spring tide, the entirely infiltration of foreign cultures, all these bring a new opportunity for photographers, meanwhile changed the survivorship of them. Bizarre and motley, flooding commercial photograph and picture confused everybody and many people at loose end.
Pan and some like artists started their concept exploring in the photography.

Make Apologize To The Unknown Artist

Make Apologize to Manet

Flexible and levity of photography lead then go to touch many core areas of social and historical culture issues, which cannot be expressed or controlled by “pure” photos because of the ways that full of blankness and barren. From their new exoteric and practice, we found we back to the origin of human being, and artists from the passivity of controlled by tools and technology, from the position of looking for the reflecting ways on outside world, turned to a new position that looking for the fountain from the heart and conception. For the people in the field of photography, the concept of “Image” is the real goal which interrelated with life style of the contemporary era, meanwhile photography is just carrier of the concept. The people in the field of photography concern how to organize the element, i.e. the social affair and characters, into the modern art by some language or theme, at same time, they are try the new ways of meaning conversions. All of the ways of image processing must to express, by some intuitionist forms, the new changes of our social life, to concentrate, to parse, to explain various consciousness and intentions, finally, case the human memory--which is good at imagining and metabolic—into fixed images.,

-Wang Qi

Pan Yue at Can Art Gallery Beijing

Pan Yue on artnet

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