Thursday, April 10, 2008

showtime: Signs Of Spring - Berlin

Join us at our first spring screening, a bouquet of fresh films from all parts of the world. Signs of spring on the silver screen, featuring shorts by Devis Venturelli, Lucas Figuera, Jean-Gabriel Périot, Angélica Chio ,Song Di and Marbo Becker, just to name a few. A special highlight will be ManFrau by Miriame Chamekh.
ManFrau will be screened in world premiere.

The screening will be followed by a live concert of Ost West Achse. Those of you who visited the Lounge in February will remember the stunning voice of Viktoria Lasaroff. Together with Christoph Bauer ( guit, voc) and Jens Voigt ( guit, voc) will she perform musical gems from the Pacific to the Black Sea.

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Signs of spring

Directors Lounge at the Scala, Friedrich Str. 112 A, 1st floor
Doors open at 8 pm. screening starts at 9:30 pm, the concert at 11 pm.

stills taken from Devis Venturelli Io Sono Il Vento

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