Tuesday, October 02, 2007

from Brakel to MoMa

From Brakel to MoMA

Little was known about the tiny town Brakel in the Höxter district of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Only design enthusiasts knew Brakel as the "B" of FSB. This changed drastically during this years spring when the door handle comics popped up in major german newspapers like Zeit and FAZ. Within weeks the affectionate panels, masterly drawn and virtuosic told by the countess of pure chance, Cosima Reif (shown just one post below), became a cult classic among the german intellectual scene. Juergen Michalski of schindler parent was kind enough to send me some english versions, thus freeing the Brakel gems from the teutonic territory.

click any pic to read the full flattering of brakel and it´s handles

Bacteria – Debacle in Brakel

How did Brakel (Westphalia)
actually come up with the
door handle?

Is Brakel in China?

The Cop from Brakel

How did Brakel come up
with the Four Commandments
of Good Grip?

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